UR as yours, BEAT as beat

You are the absolute protagonist of our project. A rhythm of life. More than 100,000: this is the average of the beats made every day by our heart.
A breathing beat basically consists of the inspiratory phase, the expiratory phase and a pause between the two phases. We live thanks to the beats that keep us alive, our life is a succession of beats, so our product enters the daily cycle, in the daily beat, and is added to the fundamental beats that keep us alive and collaborate in our well-being.

One for all!

Our goal is nutrition and integration as well-being and prevention.

In the field of sports nutrition and integration time has come to take a further step forward by presenting products of absolute quality, in continuous development with the needs of each person, creating a range of products studied for individual needs and also intended for those who do not necessarily have sports goals. Urbeat nutritional products are also well suited to new lifestyles, supporting the whole family.

We care of you and we want to give you the best.

A line of products that meets today’s nutritional needs. Urbeat is made for you and meets the needs born post covid, the stresses to which the body is subjected due to climate change, electromagnetic pollution, vitamin deficiency of certain foods, the greater need for anti-inflammatories. Thanks to the addition of natural plants used for centuries to improve performance and physical-mental well-being we can offer to you a great products.

Fitness products for sports and for everyone’s food balance. Totally made in Italy with top quality ingredients: from hydrolyzed proteins to algae, to superfoods, to vitamins. Products that balance the body in order to get the maximum result for the goals you have set for yourself. We know your first goal: feeling good!

Our consumers are athletes, people who want to get back in shape or maintain physical fitness and beauty and always be full of energy, those who want integrate the body to get the best performance at work, who need maximum energy to study,
travelers do not want to give up physical fitness and vitamin supplementation and want to cancel stress, Anyone who wants to heal from inside his body, take care of himself. Our activity is guaranteed by a team of geneticists, biologists and pharmacists. A scientific team that will guarantee the excellence of the product formulas studied and produced in Italy.

At the head of the scientific-health direction of urbeat products a geneticist, molecular biologist, bio-physiopathologist, nutritionist, specialist in health statistics and biometrics; Master’s professor in “Stress-Sport-Nutrition” of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of “La Sapienza” University of Rome. Nutritionist of athletes. A researcher and university teacher that deals with food intolerances / allergies and genetic tests, specialized in the study of highly personalized weight loss / weight gain food plans, with researches also useful to improve the symptoms related to neuro-vegetative disorders and to evaluate the best prevention against cardio-vascular diseases, senile dementias and autoimmune and tumor forms.

Your beat.